Congratulations to Ridgefield High School Music Program Student Star of the Month!

February’s Ridgefield High School Music Program student star of the month is Celine Lee!

A hardworking and dedicated member of the RHS music program, Celine has contributed a lot to the overall success of the orchestra. Originally starting an instrument because of her friends, Celine realized she enjoyed playing the violin. Her enjoyment inevitably led to about ten years of continuous playing. She dabbled in other instruments such as the guitar and piano, but didn’t enjoy playing them as much so she eventually dropped them.

When she moved to Ridgefield, Celine joined the Ridgefield music program. As time wore on, Celine became more involved with the Symphonic Orchestra community. Commenting about the admirable aspects of the RHS music program, Celine realized, “I love the group of people involved in the music program as everyone is very driven and motivated in their passions. Through the various clubs and ensembles within the music program, I had the opportunity to meet new people and play music with peers who share the same passion.”

Like so many people who enter into the music community, the comadre fosters friendships and motivates students to enjoy playing in the orchestra. Not only does Celine play in the Symphonic Orchestra, but she also partakes in the Ridgefield High School Chamber Orchestra and the Pit Orchestra for the RHS musicals, both are audition based.

She’s excited for the upcoming musical, Legally Blonde, in March and highly recommends attending at least one show! As she continues on her path of life, Celine is determined to keep music in her life throughout college. Rather than focusing on her instrument, Celine plans to continue music as a hobby and join a small ensemble in college.

The RHS music community wishes Celine Lee luck on her future and will miss her when she goes off to college. Thank you Celine for being part of the music program at Ridgefield High School and contributing your talent to the orchestra throughout your time at RHS!


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