Sets of postcard scenes of “Old Ridgefield” are being offered for sale to benefit the Ridgefield Historical Society

Sets of postcard scenes of “Old Ridgefield” are being offered for sale to benefit the Ridgefield Historical Society.

The cards are glossy, enhanced reproductions of actual postcards published more than a century ago. The back of each card gives a brief explanation of the scene.

Each set contains the eight cards plus a ninth different scene. The cost is $10 for the set of nine cards, postage included.

The eight cards are:

  • The Hermit of Ridgefield (George Washington Gilbert) and his decaying house.
  • The town hall with two ladies and a carriage.
  • St. Mary’s Church and Rectory (the latter no longer there).
  • A scene of the northern business district of Main Street.
  • The Ridgefield firehouse, about 1910.
  • The West Lane schoolhouse around 1905, along with a horse and buggy.
  • The Cass Gilbert Fountain not long after it was installed in 1915.
  • The Keeler Tavern, now a museum.

The ninth card could be:

  • The Community Center/Lounsbury House, when it was still owned by the Lounsbury family and wasn’t painted white.
  • A  scene of the southern Main Street business district from around 1905.
  • The village train station on Prospect Street.
  • The First Congregational Church.

Orders should note a preference and second choice on the ninth card (supplies of each are limited).

Twenty-five percent of the sales will go to the historical society (ridgefieldhistoricalsociety.org), which, like many non-profits, is experiencing reduced income during the Covid affair. 

Creator of the cards, Jack Sanders (ridgefieldhistory.com and founder of the Old Ridgefield group on Facebook), an avid correspondent using postcards, said, “If you mail a card, you will be doing a little bit to help the U.S. Postal Service, which could use more first-class mail business. Postcard stamps are 35 cents, but, of course, the first class ‘forever’ stamps at 55 cents also work. Stamps can easily be ordered online at USPS.gov.”

To order a set of cards, send $10 to Jack Sanders, 91 Olmstead Lane, Ridgefield CT 06877. You may also use Paypal to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Either way, be sure to include your mailing address.



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