RVNAhealth CEO Pays Tribute to her Team in Heartwarming Message

As we head into Memorial Day weekend, we invite you to read this tribute to the team at RVNAhealth from CEO and President, Theresa Bartiromo Santoro. We thought you might appreciate the sentiments, and we extend the same gratitude to all those who have been working to help others through this pandemic:

While COVID-19 is not a war, per se, and we are not veterans – yet – it somewhat feels that way. For over 10 weeks, we have battled a virus we cannot see and we have fought for the lives, freedoms, and comforts of our patients, their families, and our communities. We have entered unchartered territories and our team has worked beyond hard, beyond belief. At the same time, we have been trapped in our homes, homeschooling our children, learning new technologies, missing our friends, and quite possibly eating a little more than usual!

As we enter this Memorial Day weekend, I want to say – not for the first time – how proud I am to be part of this team, how impressed and awed I am of the service I have witnessed and participated in, and how thankful I am for the spirit of strength, resilience and tenderness that I see daily in our staff.

This weekend we all have much to think about and much to celebrate. You can start by celebrating yourselves and recognizing the importance of your role in the world at this time. 

I hope each and every one of you are able to find some fun, peace and happiness this weekend and I thank you again for all you are doing and have done.



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