Ridgefield Conservation Commission Announces Winners of Where In The Woods Contest!

The Ridgefield Conservation Commission is thrilled to announce the winner of the town-wide “Where In The Woods” scavenger hunt.

Carole and Sammi McLemore have won the game, earning a perfect score of 84 points (the maximum number of points contestants were able to earn)!  In second place (with a score of 75 points) is Melissa DeMeo and Frankie Belden.

Utilizing Ridgefield’s incredible open spaces and trails, this fun family-friendly (and socially distant) game was created to encourage residents to go outside and explore Ridgefield’s glorious trails and spaces.

Created by Conservation Commissioner Daniel C. Levine, this safe scavenger hunt began on June 2 and submissions from participants were due by June 30. The Conservation Commission provided photos of 47 identifiable landmarks/natural formations found on Ridgefield trails; some easy to locate on a trail hike, some moderately easy to find, and some more challenging to locate.

Each photo contained one specific item on a specific trail or open space. Participants were instructed to search for the specific location of the item/formation/landmark (shown in each photo) and had to take selfies of themselves (or their family) at the exact location shown in that particular photo. 

The goal of the contest was to gather as many points as possible by visiting as many open spaces and collecting photographs at the specific sites. As mentioned, a total of 84 points were possible.

Close to 50 people participated in the contest.

Congratulations to Carole, Sammi, Melissa, and Frankie!


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