Keeping Salon Guests Beautiful and Safe: Adam Broderick Talks Reopening and the New Normal

"St Patrick's Day, March 17th seems like a lifetime ago however for us the beginning of the new normal," explains Adam Broderick, owner of adam broderick salon & spa in Ridgefield and Southbury.
We are living the new normal. Life in the midst of a lingering pandemic means face coverings, keeping a safe distance from others, and constantly washing our hands. Broderick is taking extreme precautions to assure his clients and associates are safe. And, feedback from salon-goers indicates that they feel safe and cared for at adam broderick salon & spa (see image #2 - salon buzz). This, coupled with leaving looking beautiful is a win-win.
But, getting to this point, was a rollercoaster of information, challenges, and change, according to Broderick. Salon services and the longstanding commitment to excellence remain constant, however, Broderick says that the details and touchpoints of the business for every coworker and client have changed dramatically.
Prior to reopening the Salon, Broderick initiated reorientation training programs and updated safety protocols for his co-workers. He also asked for guidance from RVNAhealth who offered their medical expertise.  "Department-specific SHOW ME training is now required for all AB team members. In addition, Barbicide Sanitation Certification has been completed," he explains.
According to Broderick, technology upgrades have enhanced almost every aspect of the salon's daily operations. Heat sensor technology, new POS software, online reservations, digital communications and cashless options have all deployed to support changing needs.
"Although wearing a mask may not be forever, our attention to safety, sanitation and a heightened awareness of all aspects of our business will be," says Broderick.
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*Image courtesy adam broderick salon & spa


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