Ridgefield High School Grad, Alison Leigh Trado, 54, has Died

Alison Leigh Trado, 54, of Feather Sound, FL, passed away on July 16, 2020 at the Suncoast Hospice Center. Alison was born in Arlington Heights, IL on September 21, 1965, the daughter of Charles D. Trado and Lila (Henne) Trado. Alison grew up in Ridgefield, CT, the third oldest of 4 children. She attended Ridgefield schools and graduated with the Ridgefield High School class of 1983. Alison was very active in high school sports, having played field hockey and softball.
Alison was your typical fun loving, energetic and capricious daughter. She was faced with attempting to compete with her two older brothers and at the same time find her own place in the family hierarchy. She went through the normal growing up period enjoying being a normal kid. While in middle school, Alison encountered a major challenge in her life when she was diagnosed as diabetic. It was a crushing reality for her and the family. She met the problem head on and under took the responsibility of managing her diabetes on her own, including her daily insulin routine. She carried out this regime during her entire life without complaint or regret.
Following graduation from high school, Alison attended Springfield College in Springfield, MA for one year. Following her time in college, she worked for a number of local companies trying to find her niche in life. One of the companies she found employment with was a local pharmaceutical plant in Danbury where she began at an entry level position. From that early beginning, she progressed into administration and managerial responsibilities. Thus began her career in the pharmaceutical industry. Alison has a proclivity for the regulatory segment of the industry and led her to expand her knowledge and experience within it. Alison worked for a number of major pharmaceutical companies during her career, eventually becoming an independent regulatory contractor and consulting, directing and formulating regulatory procedures. She was in the process of establishing her own company at the time of her passing.
Alison had many interests. She was a black belt and she maintained many relationships with her high school classmates and new friends she met. She would try new things and even became involved in acting in a movie with a minor part and learning the production side of producing a motion picture, all while establishing a new group of friends. Alison was engaging; her laugh and smile attracted people to her. She always remembered her friends and friendships.
Alison decided that Florida was a place where she wanted to live and off she went to the Sunshine State. It took a while for her to establish herself but through gutting it out she found a new home. She loved the state, particularly since she was able to work from home and stay in Florida. Over the course of her residence in Florida, she met a group of ladies from a local church that led her to a new direction in her life. She decided to embrace the love of God and the followings of Jesus Christ. She became an active and devout believer of the Gospel as written in the Bible. This new and dramatic change in her life was crucial during the final stage of her life. The caring and concerned ladies literally adopted Alison into their lives and became her second family. They were there for Alison when she needed spiritual and physical help. They became an extension of the family during the last days of Alison’s life. We will never forget their kindness and unfailing commitment to Alison’s Welfare.
Alison is survived her parents, Charles and Lila Trado; 3 brothers, Bradley Trado and JoAnn Andrews of Coventry, RI; Sanford Trado and his wife, Sheryl of Hudson, OH and Dana Trado and his wife, Tracey of Newtown, CT. She is also survived by 3 nephews and 1 niece.
A Memorial Service will be held on Wednesday, August 12, 2020 at 10:00 AM outdoors on the campus of Jesse Lee Memorial United Methodist Church; 207 Main Street, Ridgefield. Social distancing and COVID guidelines must be adhered to. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to Feather Sound Church – 13880 Feather Sound Drive; Clearwater, FL 33762.


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