Powering up Community Love: Bernard's Gives Away Hot Meals for Residents Tomorrow

Are you without power? How does a meal cooked by Chef Bernard and Sarah sound? Oh, and there is no charge (really). 

Sarah and Bernard Bouissou, the owners of Bernard's and Sarah's Wine Bar in Ridgefield, are doing something extraordinary during this unprecedented time. The restaurant, located at 20 West Lane, remains without power after Tropical Storm Isaias rocked Ridgefield.

Understanding that power may not be restored tomorrow (or Sunday), and the restaurant will remain closed, Bernard and Sarah want to give the community a gift. They want to get busy in the kitchen and prepare the most amazing dishes for the residents they love so much. For free. 

Stop by Bernard's tomorrow, Saturday, August 8, between 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm to pick up a hot meal from an award-winning restaurant and Chef. There will be a table set up and the Bouissou family will deliver your meals to you with a smile. 

Thank you to Sarah and Bernard for always being there for our community, in darkness and in light. We love you.


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