Redding resident Leighton Schur launches Cans for Kids to help children in foster care

Redding resident Leighton Schur wants to pick up your recyclables to help kids in foster care

The foster care system has been struck by COVID-19 just as hard as other government programs. Foster children already don't have enough funds to pursue the activities they enjoy and the passions they love. My charity, The Future of Your Future, has been donating money to the CT Children's and Families sector of the government for many years. We recently created a fundraiser called Cans for Kids. All you have to do is let us pick up your recyclables!

We recycle the cans and bottles and donate that money towards foster care systems.

Just leave your recycling for us, curbside pickup available! No contact, 100% safe. You don't even need to sort out the cans and bottles from the rest of your recyclables!

Drop off is also available at 58 Peaceable St Redding CT.  Place your recyclables in the blue bin in the driveway! 

Please visit www.thefutureofyourfuture.com if you would like to give a helping hand to the foster children in CT.

Your trash can make a child smile!


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