Junior Golf Hub’s College Prep Series

Junior Golf Hub’s College Prep Series, hosted by The Golf Performance Center, is the Northeast’s premier event for college-bound golfers and their parents.

The College Prep Series features top PGA professionals and elite college golf coaches in a multi-day, immersive session designed with one purpose in mind: helping aspiring junior golfers achieve their dreams of playing at the next level.

Hosted by The Golf Performance Center in Ridgefield, CT, the College Prep Series will provide answers to pressing questions including:

  • Is my game ready for college golf?
  • What are the weak links that are holding me back from realizing my potential?
  • What are college coaches looking for?
  • How can I get recognized?
  • How does the recruiting process work?
  • What is life like as a college golfer?

Junior players at the College Prep Series will have the opportunity to undergo a Player Development Index (PDI) Assessment conducted by elite PGA and TPI-certified performance coaches. The PDI Assessment takes a deep, objective look at key skill areas including putting, chipping, bunker play, shot-making, mental proficiency and physical skills, and precisely identifies areas that need improvement.

The assessment will result in an Index (PDI), giving players a number to quantify the state of their game and the ability to track progress toward their goals.

Hard data only, no guesswork!

Players and parents will also participate in detailed, guided sessions explaining the college golf recruiting process and featuring head coaches at top college golf programs including Princeton University (Will Green, Men’s Golf), Quinnipiac University (John O’Connor, Women’s Golf), Post University (Steve Sokol, Men’s and Women’s Golf) and Rochester (Dan Wesley, Men’s Golf).

Players and parents will leave with a detailed report covering the weaknesses that may be holding them back from college golf and with a thorough understanding of the recruiting process.

Get ready for the Northeast’s premier golf event!

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