Congratulations to Ridgefield High School Music Student of the Month!

September's Ridgefield High School Music Program student of the month is Ellie Carter! Ellie Carter is a hard-working, dedicated, and passionate leader of Ridgefield High School's music program whose significant role has not gone unnoticed.

Ellie started her musical path in the fourth grade when she decided to follow many other family members' footsteps by choosing to play the violin. By playing in the Symphonic Orchestra in middle school, Ellie furthered her passion for music and decided to play the violin in Ridgefield High School's Symphonic Orchestra.

As a result of her interest in music, Ellie was chosen to become Chief of Staff of the music program's leadership council. After rising to the position, she acquired numerous responsibilities that significantly contribute to furthering and advancing the RHS music program. A few of her tasks as Chief of Staff include overseeing all of the leadership council's positions, the Music Mentor Program, outreach programs such as Independent Studies, and the grading system. Also, she schedules and writes agendas for leadership meetings, goes to Board of Education meetings on behalf of RHS's music department, crunches data on spreadsheets for rosters, and helps leaders of the music department brainstorm ideas on how to better the program. Evidently, Ellie's role in the department has dramatically helped the program remain successful due to her strong leadership skills, motivation to help her peers and teachers in the program, and her perseverance to better the music community at RHS.

Music is a big part of what makes Ellie, Ellie; however, her influential personal qualities are reflected in RHS's music program and outside interests. She applies her organizational skills, her strong leadership abilities, and her dependable self to extracurriculars such as captain of the Mock Trial and debate teams; BBYO, a Jewish youth group, as Regional President; a member of

the National Charity League; and the Miss President Junior Board in Ridgefield as a student mentor and Co-President. Moreover, Ellie works at a local bookstore and teaches Hebrew classes. Ellie's contribution to the community is apparent through her role in the music program and her outside interests.

In college, Ellie plans to focus on her academic career and continue to play the violin as a hobby. The RHS music community thanks Ellie Carter for her tremendous dedication to the music program and hopes that she will always look back and cherish the memories she made as an outstanding member of the RHS music program.

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