Ridgefield resident Amy Schmidt films TEDx Talk at Ridgefield Playhouse with help of Kristen Jensen Lifestyles

What does it mean to Cannonball with confidence? Ridgefield resident Amy Schmidt to give TEDx talk 

TEDx Cape May, Body and Soul

“Confidence is trusting our abilities,” says author, speaker and podcast host Amy Schmidt. Amy recently taped her TEDx talk at the Ridgefield Playhouse with the help of Bethel-based Kristen Jensen Lifestyles.  In a powerful talk, Amy shares ways to create your highlight reel. She will give her talk LIVE in 2021, an online version will be released this Saturday, October 24!

Given the pandemic, and the TED platform going virtual this year, Amy recently worked with Kristen Jensen and her team at Kristen Jensen Lifestyles and was thrilled to use the stage at the Ridgefield Playhouse. “I felt honored and humbled to stand on that stage where so many incredibly talented performers have stood. It was a true cannonball moment for me," Amy said.

This is the 9th season of “Body & Soul" and outstanding presentations will be released online this Saturday, October 24th and culminating with a live event on Sunday, October 24th, 2021 from 1:30 pm to 5:00 pm at Cape May Convention Hall. Tickets are $60 including an open bar reception. Program-only tickets are $30. Learn more and reserve your spot here.

Amy is the host of the award-winning podcast, Fearlessly Facing Fifty, and the author of Cannonball! Fearlessly Facing Midlife and Beyond.

She launched her podcast, business and published her book the year she turned 50. She is the real deal—disarmingly open, honest, and relatable. Her talk will inspire and challenge you. Amy is the friend you want climbing each rung of that ladder with you and encouraging you to cannonball into the next best phase of your life.

Learn more about Amy's upcoming TEDx Talk here. 


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