Ms President US Holds Sixth Session, Encourages Girls to Find their Voice, Learn about Government, and Become Leaders

Ms President US held its sixth session of the year on Friday, February 5th. The session focused on debate and communication and encouraged participants to use their voices. 

Mentors with Ms President US always work closely with the participant cohort, and during this session, mentors were in charge of leading all of the activities, providing them the opportunity to gain new skills as well. 

After learning about debate through a presentation and demonstration led by two Ms President US mentors (Eila Nambiar and Kavya Anand), participants were sent to breakout rooms with other mentors to practice debate amongst themselves. Mentors encouraged the girls to think about issues that are important to them, and debate about them in a safe environment. 

Afterward, participants were asked to reflect on their experiences debating and share their thoughts. Maggie Fleuette commented that “I learned you can agree with someone’s point, but also disagree with their whole reason in general.” Kanira Baskar noted that “you have to speak clearly and you have to be brave.” At each session, the participants take a stretch break and this session’s break was led by mentor Alexia Anglade. 

One of the fun elements of the program is when the participants get to do the featured interviews. Mary Jane Mitchell, a 4th grader at the girls listened to a Q & A with former MS President US campaigners, including current participants, and were encouraged to think about running for election themselves. 

MS President US future sessions will continue to encourage girls to find their voice, learn more about government, and inspire them to pursue leadership roles. 

MS President US is dedicated to motivating and preparing girls to aim for the highest civil leadership positions. The Campaign and Election will be held over Zoom on March 21st. Please contact via email for invitation. For questions or more information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .