Championship Boxer Caught Shopping Local at Ridgefield Running Company!

Danbury’s championship boxer Fernely Feliz Jr was caught shopping local today in downtown Ridgefield. Ridgefield Running Company snapped this photo of Fernely after he purchased a pair of sneakers. 

Ridgefield  Running Company owner Megan Searfoss wrote on Facebook, “We fit runners, walkers, and the occasional USA champion!”

Yesterday, Champs Boxing Club in Danbury where Fernely trains, also gave the talented athlete and fellow boxer Ali Feliz, a proud shout out, “Homecoming for newly crowned USA Boxing Super Heavyweight National Champion Fernely Feliz Jr. and future Nationally Ranked Ali Feliz!

Searfoss said, “Fernely came by a year ago to get fitted for sneakers for his boxing training and stopped by yesterday for a new pair, this time with the USA Heavyweight champion belt!” Shea added, “He'll be rocking his new 860s as he heads to Colombia for more training with his eyes on the Olympics!”

According to Fernely’s Instagram, he’s rocked the Golden Gloves Championship five times, is a Ringside World Champion, and is Fastest Heavyweight in the [Tokyo 2021]. Fernely is active on Twitter so get a ringside seat @Fernely_jr

Learn more about Fernely’s boxing career here.

*Image courtesy Ridgefield Running Company



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