RVNAhealth nurse makes special connection with mom and daughter

There’s something particularly lovely about a mother and daughter getting their COVID-19 vaccines at very different times, and in different locations, but from the very same nurse. Without intending to do so. But figuring it out nonetheless. Call it karma.
This happened with RVNAhealth, when Jackie Felix, LPN, administered a vaccine at Yanity Gym to the daughter of a mom she had vaccinated months earlier this year in Newtown. Both mom and daughter shared a certain nervousness about the vaccine and allergies, and Jackie took the time to listen to the women and ease their fears. It was through the talking that the connection was made. ‘Because we took the time to chat, and discuss the concerns, we formed a bond,’ explains Jackie. ‘And when we figured out that I had vaccinated her mom too, that made us all feel good!”
So appreciative was the daughter that she brought flowers for Jackie at her second dose. “The flowers are beautiful and appreciated,” says Jackie, “but the connection through conversation is the real gift. Our vaccine clinics are operationally efficient, but we always take the time to listen to our guests.”
Happy Mother’s Day!
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