From Stop Motion to Coding: The Comprehensive Technology Curriculum at RA

At Ridgefield Academy, the Technology curriculum is designed to foster a unique method of problem-solving known as “computational thinking”. Students explore concepts such as events, sequences and parallelism, and have the opportunity to tell stories and express themselves creatively through projects in Technology class. 

A website featuring student projects and providing a behind-the-scenes look at the innovative technology curriculum was recently published by Middle and Upper School Technology teacher Aayushi Dangol.

“By providing computational thinking lessons beginning in Middle School, we are ensuring our students stay motivated to learn computer science skills from a young age,” Dangol said. “It provides the skillset our kids need.”

Computational thinking does not exist only within the realm of the computer science discipline and the Technology classroom. The MS/US Technology Program at RA integrates technology with several other subjects, including Math, Science, English, and History. 

Students in Grade 6, for example, studied the architecture and defense structures of Renaissance castles in History class. As part of an interdisciplinary collaboration, they coded 3D designs of Renaissance castles in Tinkercad, a 3D digital design app. The interdisciplinary assignment cultivates a holistic understanding of the topic—in this case, pairing historical context with skills developed in Technology class.

Outside the classroom, the computational thinking students develop at RA are immensely valued. With technology advancing at such a rapid pace, the demand for these skills often outweighs the supply.

“There is not enough skilled manpower to fill the demand of computer science and coding-related jobs,” Dangol said. “By offering computational lessons at a very young age, we are equipping our children with a skill set that is necessary to be successful in the future while simultaneously doing our best to meet the needs of the technological demand of our current society.”

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