Interns Evelyn Carr and Liam Huff Shine at Thrown Stone

Ridgefield High School Seniors Evelyn Carr and Liam Huff recently completed internships at Thrown Stone Theatre Company. The RHS intern program offers students the opportunity to spend the last weeks of their senior year working for a local business in their field of interest.

As Thrown Stone Scholars, Carr and Huff got a rigorous mix of administration administration dramaturgy, completing a digital inventory of the company's costumes and props, and reading a new play every day. They interviewed company leadership about their roles and experiences, and toured the three venues of Thrown Stone’s upcoming season, The Suburbs. As a final project the interns prepared a play of their choice for production with a detailed “prompt book” that described every cue and design element. Thrown Stone Company Manager Pippa Walton designed and led the program this year.

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Interested in becoming a Thrown Stone Scholar? Paid summer internships are now available for their summer production of The SuburbsInquire at


This season, Talia Hankin — Thrown Stone’s Literary Liaison, Intern, and Assistant Director of The Suburbs — will illuminate what goes on behind the scenes in a Small Professional Theatre as we bring three new plays from the page to the stage. Drawing from interviews and conversations with Thrown Stone creators, this series highlights the humans behind the work. For more of her stories, see