A Few Bits from RPS Superintendent Da Silva: BOE Budget, Upcoming Math Placement Workshop, and More

Friday BITS from Ridgefield Public School Superintendent Dr. Susie Da Silva

Board of Education

The early part of our week was busy!  We had our full-day budget workshop on Saturday.  You can watch the full-day meeting here

On Monday, our Board of Education learned more about our elementary mathematics study, special service department, the 2022-23 budget, and policies. You can watch Monday’s meeting here

On Tuesday evening, our Board of Education met for its annual retreat.  Representatives from the Connecticut Association of Boards of Education (CABE), and Shipman and Goodwin joined us.  We discussed roles and responsibilities, as well as Board and District Priorities. You can watch the Board Retreat here


Ridgefield Tiger Talk
It’s budget season for Ridgefield Public Schools! Joining us on this week’s episode of Ridgefield Tiger Talk is Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Susie Da Silva and her leadership team. In this show we talk about the budget process, the district’s needs/goals, current themes in education, and budget priorities. Make sure you don’t miss this very informative podcast!

Curriculum Parent Workshops 

The Parent Workshop, “How Students Learn Mathematics” took place virtually on the RPS YouTube Curriculum Channel. If you click on the RPS YouTube Curriculum Channel now, you will see that workshop and all of the previous workshops. For even easier access to the channel, subscribe!

The next workshop is on February 10, 2022. It is called Math Placement: Elementary and Middle School. This presentation will inform parents about the math placement process and will describe the different mathematics pathways students can take through middle and high school.

Health and Safety 

The COVID positivity case rate for the town of Ridgefield has declined significantly to 61.2 new cases per day per 100k population. Cases remain high but are well off the peak of the Omicron wave.   Tests are available at each of our schools for students or staff who are experiencing symptoms and unable to access a test.  Please contact your school nurse.

Resources for Families and Students

Attached please find information regarding educational, safety, mental health, and food security resources and programs available for students and their families.  The attachment Resources for Families and Students can be found here.

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