The making of a local business leader and philanthropist, Nick Donofrio pens autobiography

Locally, we know Nick Donofrio as a philanthropist, community leader and cherished mentor. The world is about to discover what drove him to become a pivotal part of the technology industry.

Donofrio’s new autobiography titled “If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes, The Nicholas Donofrio Story”, gives us a personal glimpse into Nick Donofrio and explains how his strong family values propelled him to become one of the world’s most iconic business leaders.

The book serves as a manual for any parent raising their children to be moral, and any leader navigating their team, in a constantly changing world.

The autobiography documents his journey from his humble beginnings as the son of immigrants to his pivotal role in the technology industry that spanned the last half-century. It gives the reader a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at how most of the technology we use today came to fruition, and how Donofrio used the values instilled in him by his parents as a guide to drive not only innovation but the success of his team as well.

As a leader, I figured out that my real job was SIMPLY TO LISTEN to my team members and fight for them until they could bring our vision to fruition.

- From If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes

The reader discovers even more from a multidimensional account of these technology breakthroughs with cameo interviews written specifically for the book by business icons including Sam Palmisano, Jon Rubinstein, Lisa Su, Bernard Charles, Linda Sanford, David Yaun, Vic Reis, and Paul Horn.

Mark your calendar for May 31 when "If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes" is unveiled to the world. You can purchase the book (and learn more about it) at www.nickdonofriobook.com.

Nick Donofrio dedicates his autobiography to his family:

For my wife Anita, son Michael, and daughter Nicole. I am who I am in great measure because of your love, your support, and your sacrifices. And for my parents—Nick and Beatrice—who gave me a work ethic that balanced ambition with the Golden Rule and the opportunity to pursue my dreams.



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