What makes you crack a smile in Ridgefield? Meet Kate Fitzpatrick

Summer Smiles in Ridgefield

Enjoying summer days close to home, at events and venues unique to your hometown, are some of the most memorable experiences in life. (plus, you can get cozy in your own bed at the end of a fun-filled day).

Our series “What makes you crack a smile” puts a spotlight on the local people, places and events that make our community an enjoyable place to live.

Get your flip-flops and summer ON and meet Kate Fitzpatrick, Ridgefield native and founder of Kate Fitzpatrick Consulting.

Tell us about your favorite summertime destination in Ridgefield?

So many to choose from! We're big fans of the Ridgefield Library, Ballard Park (my kids are 5, 8 and 11) and then walking to Deborah Ann's for ice cream. We make that circuit at least once a week.

What summer activity in Ridgefield makes you crack a smile?

We live within walking distance of The Hickories so I love running by there several mornings a week, and their strawberries have been absolutely delicious this year! Also highly recommend their salad dressing which my husband put in my stocking this Christmas, as well as their lettuce, peppers and sunflower seedlings which are growing happily in our garden right now.

Do you have a cherished memory of summer in your Ridgefield?

I'm a Ridgefield native and loved going to Great Pond (aka Martin Park) with my family when I was little.

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