What makes you crack a smile in Ridgefield? Meet George Brennan

Summer Smiles in Ridgefield

Enjoying summer days close to home, at events and venues unique to your hometown, are some of the most memorable experiences in life. (plus, you can get cozy in your own bed at the end of a fun-filled day).

Our series “What makes you crack a smile” puts a spotlight on the local people, places and events that make our community an enjoyable place to live.

Get your flip-flops and summer ON and find out what makes singer/songwriter George Brennan crack a smile!

Tell us about your favorite summertime destination in town

Baseball games at Ciucolli Field and Jensen Field. Nothing to me is more summer than baseball! Ridgefield does it well at all levels!

What community event do you look forward to attending? How does it make you feel?

The Memorial Day Parade is my absolute favorite. It is both the town reunion and town pride that is really on display here. Plus, it is the kickoff to summer!

What summer activity in your town makes you crack a smile?

Performing at a live outdoor venue like 850 or Mimosa Pool under sunny skies and having enthusiastic Ridgefielders singing along and enjoying the moment.


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