What makes you crack a smile in Ridgefield? Meet John Frey

Summer Smiles in Ridgefield

Enjoying summer days close to home, at events and venues unique to your hometown, are some of the most memorable experiences in life (plus, you can get cozy in your own bed at the end of a fun-filled day).

Our series “What makes you crack a smile” puts a spotlight on the local people, places and events that make our community an enjoyable place to live.

Get your flip-flops and summer ON and find out what makes Ridgefield native John Frey crack a smile!

Tell us about your favorite summertime destination in Ridgefield

Rarely a need to leave 06877! Our rich history, sense of community, culturally rich (go first state Cultural District!), a diverse restaurant scene all equate to a great place to call home!

What community event do you look forward to attending? How does it make you feel?

For me, the quintessential Memorial Day parade officially marketing the start of summer. At the same time, can’t help but notice the fully leafed trees on Main Street shortly followed by the hanging flower baskets and ever-changing banners noting Ridgefield events.

What summer activity in Ridgefield makes you crack a smile?

The best is early evening, people watching on Main Street. Neighbors out with strollers, dogs walking their owners, many partaking the Main St sidewalk dining scene, enjoying ice cream and conversation on the many benches in our Norman Rockwell-esque village.

Do you have a cherished memory of summer in Ridgefield?

The bells of the Good Humor Ice Cream Truck making his rounds; the fresh oil and sand on the streets (loved the smell), dodging floating firework embers at Veterans Park field, staying out til my mother blew the whistle to return home near bedtime, endless bike rides, of course, Great Pond, the great sidewalk sales and summer student musicals by the RWPA have to be included. Wouldn’t have traded my childhood for anywhere else!

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