Tiger Sports loses beloved furry family member, Milo

Bruce Yuen, longtime owner of Ridgefield's Tiger Sports shared some sad news today. Milo, the adorable rescue who offered free hugs and cuddles at the Catoonah Street sports shop, passed away on New Year's Day at the age of 12.  
Bruce said, "Indeed he had two homes, the Yuen's and Tiger Sports. He loved meeting people and especially the children who came into Tiger Sports. Many children would also come in just to say "hi!" to him which warmed the hearts of all of us who work here. He'd literally be the center of attention as kids sit in a circle as they showered him with pets and hugs."
A beloved member of the Yuen family, Milo had an extended family here in Ridgefield. "He loved walking on Ridgefield's Main Street and I think many of you will remember seeing him there! He had friends in many local businesses including Ridgefield Hardware, Wells Fargo Bank, Fairfield County Bank among others. Thanks to all the kind people who would bring him water during the summer or let him stop inside for a dose of warmth during the winter. How lucky we are to live in such a caring community!" says Bruce.
Thank you to the many community members who gave Milo tons to wag about! We send our love and prayers to all who loved Milo, espectially Bruce, Carolyn, Jack and Katie Yuen.
Many are sharing warm memories and condolences in honor of Milo on the Tiger Sports Facebook page. 
*Image of Milo courtesy of Tiger Sports Facebook page. 


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