East Ridge and Scotts Ridge Middle School Students Perform at Fantastic Festivals, Celebrate Musical Success!

Fantastic Festivals 

On Friday, June 2, five select ensembles from both East Ridge and Scotts Ridge middle schools attended Fantastic Festivals, an adjudication festival at Hall High School in West Hartford.

The ensembles were the ERMS Wind Ensemble, the ERMS Chamber Singers, the SRMS Festival Band, the SRMS Chamber Singers, and the all-town Symphonic Orchestra. 

All of the groups earned platinum ratings and received a clinic from the adjudicators on further possible improvements that may have added additional nuance and artistry to the performances. At the conclusion of the festival, they got to celebrate their accomplishments with an afternoon at Lake Compounce amusement park. 

“The East Ridge Wind Ensemble earned a Platinum Rating, and performed: Highlights from Harry Potter, A Song for Friends, and Celtic Air & Dance #3,” commented Mrs. Brown. “ Afterward, they employed various strategies for keeping cool on a hot afternoon at Lake Compounce.”

While performing, the students had an incredible experience and look forward to more performances that will come along the way. Orchestra Director Shane Peters shares, “Symphonic Orchestra earned a Platinum Rating, performing Gliere’s Russian Sailor’s Dance, Andante from Tchaikovsky’s 6th Symphony, and Vivaldi’s Allegro in D for Strings. The critiques we got at the workshop were very helpful and the students learned a lot! Afterward, we had a great day celebrating the year with one another in the park!”

All the talented students had such a wonderful time preparing for this exciting event, and the music program is so proud of them for all they have accomplished. Michael McNamara, the VPA department chair and RHS Orchestra Director was also in attendance.  “I couldn’t have been prouder to see the work our middle school team did.  The strength of our high school program is a direct result of the incredible work they do, especially with their most invested students. I happen to know one of the clinicians, who is a nationally renowned orchestra director.  Knowing that I was the RHS Orchestra director, he came up to me after the middle school Symphonic Orchestra performed and he had worked with them.   Without hesitation, he said ‘I hope you know how lucky you are.’  I told him I count my blessings every day.  He shared that he could have said the same about any of the other ensembles.”

The music programs across schools have helped the students more than prepare for the festival, and the memories made were incredible.

For more information, visit ridgefieldhsmusic.org and ridgefieldmusicparents.org



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