Ridgefield Public Schools, Historical Society, Government Officials Join Forces for Witness Stones Installation Ceremony,

In this week's newsletter, Dr. Susie Da Silva, Superintendent of Schools reported about the 2nd annual Witness Stones Installation Ceremony which took place this past Wednesday at the Scott House. It brings together the power of community, history and education. Please read below.

The Ridgefield Historical Society, the First Selectperson, members of the Board of Education, administrators, community members, and parents had the opportunity to hear the stories of enslaved persons from Ridgefield, Peter and Dinah through the voices of our East Ridge and Scotts Ridge eighth graders. The installation of the stones at the Scott House sent a powerful message to our students and our community that we can be better, and we will not forget.

We are often heard saying that there is something special about Ridgefield, and while I wish we could be in every school, every classroom, every day…we can’t. And yet, we do know how much our teachers and staff do each day on behalf of our students. We are humbled each day, and grateful to be part of a community that cares so deeply for each and every student.

Photo shows Eighth grade social studies teachers with members of the Ridgefield Historical Society, The Witness Stones Project, and RPS Administrators at the Scott House before the Witness Stones Induction Ceremony: (Below) Witness stones commemorating the lives of Dinah, Peter, Lidia, and Quash.


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