Ballard Park At Its Finest

No amount of snow, frost or finicky winter weather can keep Spring from coming. Because it is finally here and Ballard Park is beauty at its finest! If you haven’t strolled through the park recently, I urge you to do so before the cherry blossom’s veil of gentle pink and white fade to green.

Daffodils raise their sleepy heads against a backdrop of a kaleidoscope of colors. With the comfort of an infinite blue canvas, pale pink and white petals dance and twirl in the breeze as they fall onto the emerald ocean. Fragrances of lavender fill the senses, bringing with it a wave of content and peace. Simply put, Ballard Park right now is a treat to the eyes and the mind; one that we must not miss.

When in full bloom, the cherry blossom tree is truly a sight to cherish and carries with it a meaning which goes back hundreds of years in the Japanese culture. The cherry blossoms represent the preciousness of life. It is a reminder that life is breathtakingly beautiful but its days are also numbered. And how wonderful to have something so significant in the heart of our town.

So go ahead and get your sneakers/sandals/rain boots on! But for those who might not be able to make it to Ballard in the next few days, included here is a magnificent snapshot, courtesy of Michele Williams from Michele Williams Photographer.


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