Connecticut Magazine Boasts About Ridgefield's Main Street (Again!)

Ridgefield makes Connecticut Magazine's bi-annual November "Best Towns" issue - AGAIN! This time, Ridgefield's listed among the magazine's "Terrific Towns: Main Street". Nice shout-out for Keeler Tavern, The Aldrich, Battle of Ridgefield, and Museum in the Streets. 

As stated in Connecticut Magazine: This western town along the New York state line is no stranger to our biannual November best-towns issue and has eagerly adopted the moniker of “Connecticut’s No. 1 town.” Picturesque Main Street is one of the big reasons why. Historic: Keeler Tavern has a cannonball lodged in its siding from 1777’s Battle of Ridgefield. Unique: Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum is the only one of its kind in the state and has no permanent collection. Historic and unique: The Museum in the Streets is a 30-station, heritage discovery trail along Main Street.

Read the article in its entirety HERE.