Addessi Jewelers is Celebrating Seventy years on Main Street in Ridgefield

Being a Three generation family business is Key to Continuing Success

Light the candles, release the balloons…Addessi Jewelers is celebrating its seventieth anniversary. At a time when big box stores are elbowing out the little guy, Addessi is not only surviving but thriving. What’s their secret? According to owner and president Wayne Addessi, it’s three generations of family to family relationship building. “We not only know our clients; we’ve gotten to know their whole family and even their pet’s names and likewise, our clients know us. Even when they move to other continents, we keep in touch and continue to do a robust business. We like to think of ourselves as a hometown jeweler with a “global clientele.”

It all began when Addessi’s grandfather, one of the original Italian immigrants, arrived in the States with a dream, the American dream. His sons brought it to fruition by opening Addessi Jewelers in 1948. Now Addessi is welcoming a third generation Says Addessi, “My daughter Kate who started working here when she was in high school, returned with a degree in business management; she is bringing technology to the business enabling customers to visualize pieces before we design and build them. I am delighted to say she is developing her own youthful clientele.  And my son, Thomas, works here in sales during vacation and summers. It is truly a family business,” Addessi proudly adds.

To give the family the tools to grow the business and enhance its global reach, Addessi has launched its newest technology and customer relations software to better and more effectively connect with new and old customers as well to prospect future ones. This new suite of technology updates and features enables customers to shop and see the latest collections online. Says Addessi, “Those who moved away, to another county or cross country, we continue to reach them and communicate digitally often resulting in very substantial transactions. Some of our rarest gems and purchases are made digitally through video, imagery, email and more."

A long-time Ridgefield retailer, Addessi passionately believes in giving back to the community which has helped him prosper.  In that spirit, he is spearheading an effort to market the town by bringing awareness to Ridgefield’s culture and commerce. “Ridgefield is an art and cultural hub and communities are increasingly recognizing the connection between arts, culture and economic vitality. My goal is to make Ridgefield the go-to place for unique shopping, dining, entertainment and cultural experiences.” Over the years Addessi has supported a myriad of nonprofits including ROAR, The Ridgefield Playhouse, Ann’s Place.

Addessi underscores that the store which comprises 2,200 square feet of retail, is indeed jewelry and gems from around the world but more including a gift giving selection that includes The Herend Zoo, Waterford Gallery of Fine Gifts, Fine Herend China, Watch Winders, Jewelry Boxes, Lamps, Moser Crystal and more. Our services include appraisals, FREE ADVICE, on-site jewelry design and repair and restoration, pearl and bead restringing and custom design. “We not only carry an extraordinary selection of contemporary, vintage and estate jewelry but gifts for every occasion. And if we don’t have it, we will leave no precious stone unturned until we find it”, adds Addessi.

Addessi Jewelers is located at 378 Main Street, Ridgefield, Ct. For more info, call 203.438.6549 www.addessijewelers.com

Quotes/memories from Wayne Addessi

I remember growing up as a young child heading out on a Sunday with my Dad even to collect a small amount of money that was owed for a diamond ring or watch. Dad and his brothers sacrificed and worked hard back in the day to get their business off the ground. My Mom too was a huge part of the direction, merchandising and conversations over the many years. What makes a family business so unique is the team effort and our clients see it every time they come into our store. 

It all started when my grandfather emigrated from Italy, married my grandmother, started their family, worked on the Railroad and then as a hatter, later dying of Mercury poisoning. They were three young brothers with no father. The eldest worked so hard to start his business and then one by one the brothers came in to join him. They had a 50-year partnership. 

As I grew into the business with my Dad who was my greatest fan and supporter all along the way. I was by his side for most of my adult life and so lucky to have had the time with him. I miss him dearly and hear his voice often when thinking of what he would say or do. His guidance was and is with me every day in all that I have become and do.  

I 'm proud and thankful that he taught us well. My daughter Kate has been taking a bigger day to day roll and continues to bring in some of the rarest gems and collections and at the same time building new relationships with her own clients. 




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