5 Questions with Susan Schmitt, owner of The Painted Cookie

The Painted Cookie, a sensational, sweet, nut-free cookie shop in Wilton, opened its doors in January of 2013. The cookies have won acclaim for being artfully delicious. For our "5 Questions with..." series, I had the honor of interviewing Susan Schmitt, owner of The Painted Cookie. Keep reading to hear her answers!
Why did you start this business? Why did you pick that niche?
It started as a hobby when our boys were little. Loved working with cookie cutter designs and teamed up with CopperGifts.com to design cutters. Our niche was to go nut-free when we opened our first storefront bakery in Wilton. Our slogan is "A Cookie for Every Occasion" and there absolutely is! We do custom designs, personalize for special events and corporate logos.
What is the most popular product you offer?
Our iced cookies are the bulk of our business but our chocolate covered Oreos are a close second.
What was your biggest surprise after entering the food industry? How fast our business continues to grow. We expanded 2 years after opening in January 2013 and we could use more space again for 2018
Why are nut-free options important to you?
My son had several friends with tree nut allergies and it was the perfect way to go when building our new kitchen with new appliances.
Is there anything you wish I asked? 
I hope you follow us on Instagram. We have a lot going on this month, with our first-time Gingerbread House workshops and our 3rd Annual Fundraiser with Santa to benefit CT Hospice.
The Painted Cookie is located at 196 Danbury Road in Wilton, CT.


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