Baja and Chef George Gearing Up for Downtown Ridgefield Debut

Downtown Ridgefield is getting HOTTER!

We noticed a lot of activity in from of the soon-to-be Baja on Main Street today (#426 to be exact). And, by activity we mean: major appliances were being delivered.

This activity prompted a conversation with Baja owner, Larry Debany (notice: Baja is sans Taco).

Debany is super busy getting the interior in order, planning the restaurant menu, and well, trying to decide what exactly to call the Mexican-style Main Street eatery.

Here’s what we know:

  • It won’t be called Baja Tacos (come on, it’s only a sign).

  • It might be called Baja Cocina (Spanish for kitchen).

  • Chef George (aka Celestino Villalba) will be the Taco Chef (and everything Chef) extraordinaire (he's shown in the photo).

  • Baja something will be a hot spot will be open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  • As far as alcohol goes, Baja will probably serve beer. Good beer.

  • While it's "soon-to-be", Debany isn't sure the exact opening day but safe to say, sometime in the very early part of 2018.

The bottom line is this: Baja will be known for FRESH ingredients, some made-to-order Mexican faves including several fish options, build-your-own- tacos, rice bowls, burritos, and other classic Mexican dishes. The restaurant will be takeout OR dine-in (there will be several tables in the space that once housed Green Maid Organics).

Debany has had great success opening and managing popular restaurants in Ridgefield. Tucked behind Main Street, just steps from the future location of Baja (something) is 850 Degrees Wood Fired Pizza. Debany also owned Fifty Coins prior to selling a few years back.

Get taco ready Ridgefield!



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