KaFo to open on Main Street in Ridgefield

Updated at 2:10 pm on 12/4 to include information from Department of Health

As you were holiday strolling this weekend, you may have noticed an array of sweet edible art in front the former home of Tom Toms. The pastries and cookie creations are the handiwork of Sylvia Barnett and team who are gearing up to bring a European coffee shop to 417 Main Street. Enter KaFo, a word that means “coffee” in Esperanto.

According to Ridgefield Planning & Zoning records, Sarit Wiener filed an application for building signage for KaFo which was approved by the EEC. Weiner will request approval from P&Z at a meeting scheduled for tomorrow night. An application has also been filed with the Ridgefield Health Department who tell us that three individuals are listed as QFO (Qualified Food Operators): Sylvia Barnett, Saret Weiner, and Laura Welber.

In late November, Sylvia Barnett launched a Facebook Page, introducing herself and KaFo to the Ridgefield community. “My name is Sylvia a mother of three lovely children,” she said. “Not only I am looking forward meeting the wonderful people passing through this lovely town, but I am surrounded every day by the unique and creative friends I work with. Somewhere between the comfort food we relish and the healthy meal we seek, lies the menu at KaFo.” CFO

According to KoFo Facebook page, together with friends, Sarit Weiner Laura Welber, Sylvia will soon open a European coffee shop in the space that once housed Tom Toms. “We have been planning to open up a little warm spot where we can talk about anything. We learned the art of preparing a perfect cup of coffee, a well-balanced cappuccino, and an exquisite latte from Nespresso. My real passion, however, lies in the pastries,” Sylvia explains.

Menu offerings? “Somewhere between the comfort food we relish and the healthy meal we seek, lies the menu at KaFo,” says Sylvia. From gourmet sandwiches and crepes to sweet treats and coffee, KoFo promises fresh fare comprised of, all natural ingredients, prepared daily.  

We have a call the business phone number listed on the company Facebook Page and left a message for Sylvia Barnett. We hope to bring you more KaFo details soon!

The KaFo website is not yet live but you can visit their Facebook page for additional information.

*Images courtesy of KaFo Facebook Page.


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