Organic & On Sale at Nature's Temptations: Rainier Cherries, Red Plumbs, Strawberries, and More!

Nature's Temptations announces this week's Organic Produce Specials on sale now through Sunday, July 15th

Baby Carrots 16 oz 2 for $3.00
Blueberries 16 oz $3.29 each
Cantaloupes $3.99 each
Dark Red Cherries $5.99 lb
Granny Smith Apples $1.99 lb
Green Peppers $1.99 lb
Pink Lady Apples $2.49 lb
Raspberries 6 oz $3.49 each
Red Plums $2.49 lb
Rainier Cherries $7.99 lb
Romaine Hearts (3 pack) $2.99 each
Strawberries 16 oz $4.29 each
Yellow Nectarines $3.99 lb

We say NO to GMOs at Nature's Temptations!

Nature's Temptations is located at 32 Prospect Street. Call: 203-438-5443 or visit them online.