Why Small Businesses Matter: Happy 4th Birthday to Hoodoo Brown BBQ!

Why Small Businesses Matter - Hoodoo Brown BBQ is FOUR!

We salute Hoodoo Brown BBQ on four flavorful years, proving the need to Texan-style fare in our neck of the woods, winning awards for best in class, and appearing on national TV! Cheers to small businesses!

Three questions with Cody Sperry, owner (and Pit Master) of Hoo Doo Brown BBQ.

Why did you start your business?
Cooking for my friends and family had always been a passion of mine. Those family gatherings were some of my fondest memories. The other thing i have always loved was barbecue. There was a couple of forces that caused me to want to take the next step and opening restaurant. While working for after college, and doing some small scale catering out of my house, I took a trip to Texas with my family and some friends. When dining in Texas and talking to the man behind some of the best bbq in the world, something clicked and I wanted to bring that authentic style close to home. As I looked around Connecticut, there was only one place -  Ridgefield -  the town I have called home for the past 20 years.
How many people do you employ? Any youth or seniors from the community?
We employ over 40 people including many from Ridgefield. My partner Chris and I both were RHS graduates class of 2004. We have had many of Ridgefield's best a brightest under our employ in our three years. We currently employ four high school seniors, who as of today have all been accepted to college, members of the dance team, cheerleaders, volleyball and football players and we couldn't be more proud. We expect big things from all of them, as they move on.
How many local businesses do you use to support your business?
We wouldn't be here today without the support of local business. Our menus were printed by our friends at Squashes, we have had plenty of crisis fixed by our lifesavers at Ridgefield Plumbing and Heating and the great people at Pamby Motors just got us a brand new van for our catering which will make our on-site pig roasts so much easier this graduation party season. Not to mention, Pizza Parties from 850 Wood Fired to keep our staff happy!
I guess we will finish this like I started it, by tagging Ridgefield Prime. They gave me a start in this food world, taught me the importance of quality, and it would only be right that I send it back there way.
HooDoo Brown BBQ is located at 967 Ethan Allen Highway. Visit them online here.


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