RUN to The Ridgefield Thrift Shop, Thanks to Megan Searfoss, Owner of Ridgefield Running Company

Whaaat? RUN to the Ridgefield Thrift Shop!

Ridgefield Running Company owner Megan Searfoss just made a HUGE donation of athleisure wear and accesories! 

Ridgefield Running Company said, "We would like to give a huge shout-out to Megan Searfoss and the Ridgefield Running Company for the very generous donation they made to the shop today. We were blown away by all of the beautiful merchandise!"

In giving the donation, Megan noted, "I am thrilled to be able to donate the clothing and accessories that didn't fit into the new Ridgefield Running Company on Main Street. To keep the donation within our town is important to me, as brick and mortar businesses are vital to our village. The Ridgefield Thrift Shop will be able to turn this donation into dollars to support our local non-profit organizations."

Run ON to the Ridgefield Thrift Shop NOW! "Ridgefield Thrift Shop thanks, Megan, for helping us achieve our vision of helping others in the community. It truly does take a village," the Thrift Shop said.



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