Lyle Lovett: 2 Nights in the Ridge, Kind Words, and an Awesome Photo!

Lyle Lovett Gets Social with Playhouse and Ridgefield Praise

Wow. Just wow. For a musical legend like Lyle Lovett to take the time to write about his recent Ridgefield Playhouse gig, and the awesomeness he experienced, is mind-blowing and a testament to Ridgefield, Allison Stockel, and the Ridgefield Playhouse. After the last song was played, the roadies took the stage, and the seats were empty, Lovett took the image you see here. 

He shared the photo and wrote the following post on his Facebook Page of 261,444 "likes":

The Ridgefield Playhouse is a 500-seat theater about an hour north of New York City. I snapped this shot the evening of our second show. Playing there two nights in a row, July 30 and 31, was a treat for all of us in the band and crew. It meant the crew didn’t have take down our equipment and load the trucks after the first night, as they usually do. It meant our drivers didn’t have to sleep during the show and drive overnight, so Denny Autry who drives the bus I ride, could sit in with us again on piano. It meant we all were able to enjoy being in beautiful Connecticut that much longer. Thank y’all for having us back. Thanks for being great audiences both nights.


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