Bernard's Takes You to France in Final Staycation of the Summer!

Savor the Flavor - Bernard's and Sarah's Wine Bar FINAL Staycation of the Summer!

Join Bernard & Sarah on their Culinary Stay-cation of the summer - Bernard's native South-west France!

Serving now through August 31

Salade de Quercy,
Frisee Salad, Blue Cheese, Toasted Walnuts, Duck Prosciutto, Duck Fritton Crepe & Foie Gras
Grilled Faux Filet, Pomme Quercinoise, Haricots Verts & Green Peppercorn Sauce
Apple Croustade
Prune Armagnac Ice Cream

Make your reservation by calling 203-438-8282. Visit Bernard's and Sarah's Wine Bar online here.

Bernard's and Sarah's Wine Bar are located at 20 West Lane in Ridgefield.