Ed and Sue Karvosky Celebrate 20 Years of Bissell Pharmacy Ownership!

Ed Karvosky and his wife Sue are celebrating 20 years as owners of Bissell Pharmacy! 

Located at 23 Governor Street Bissell Pharmacy has become part of the fabric of our great community - serving those in need and supporting our community.

Bissell Pharmacy, which now includes upscale boutique "The Loft at Bissell", has overcome some of life's greatest obstacles thanks to the steadfast nature and determination of Ed and Sue, their wonderful (always smiling) staff, and the support of the wonderful community of Ridgefield.

Six years after Ed and Sue took ownership of Bissell Pharmacy, a roaring fire engulfed the historical Bissell building on Main Street causing the Ridgefield landmark to collapse. Together with the Ridgefield community, Ed and Sue brushed the dust off and kept on going - serving customers, and finding a new place to set up shop. The photo you see here (courtesy of Ed) shows Ed standing in front of Bissell Pharmacy - then, and now. 

Thank you to our small business owners who work tirelessly so we can have a vibrant community. They employee the Ridgefield youth, support our nonprofits and continuously come to the aid of community members in need.

Please remember to thank them and shop LOCAL!



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