A pocket park and parking next to Ridgefield Post Office? Maybe

Several years ago, the unkempt house at 28 Catoonah Street, next to the Ridgefield Post Office, was demolished. Until recently, unsightly orange fencing surrounded the perimeter of the property, which is under the control of the U.S. Postal Service, and leased to our local post office. 

According to First Selectman Rudy Marconi, cleaning up this prime piece of real estate in downtown Ridgefield area wasn't easy. "We needed to go through Congressman Himes who contacted the USPS," he says.

Finally, the grass has been cut, the eyesore fencing removed, and, according to Marconi, the Town is eager to complete the last phase of this project which includes creating a pocket park on the property as well as additional post office parking in the rear of the property. "We want to preserve the streetscape of the property. The additional parking in the rear would allow for sixteen cars," explains First Selectman, Rudy Marconi.

Not so fast. Before any additional beautification can begin, our local post office must give the project a nod. Something that hasn't happened yet. Stay tuned.



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