Changing it Up with Whip Salon Master Stylist

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone: When Should You Switch Up Your Hair? 

Feeling in a rut? With lots of holiday parties coming up you want to look and feel your best so maybe it's time for some change. We asked Nino, master stylist at Whip Salon Ridgefield, how he can tell when his clients are ready for a change. 
WS: What is the most common style that you're getting right requested currently?
Nino: The graduated bobs seem to be the style of the season. It's a fun look because it has a bit of versatility, a bob looks great straight or wavy. Clients like that it's current yet is an easy wear-and-go style.
WS: What do you tell a client that is considering a big change?
Nino: Any changes will starts with a deep dive in the consultation. We'll start off with what kind of style they are looking for and how that works with their day to day lifestyle. Then from there, we can discuss the best options tailored to their face and coloring. I like to have fun with it and really look at all the options, especially if someone is interested in making a more drastic change.
WS: How do you put your clients at ease when going through the process?
Nino: Honestly, big change has to come from the client. They know when they are ready and it makes them feel amazing when they try something new. It is just hair afterall, you shouldn't be afraid to try something new...it grows back. Have some fun! 
A great example (pictured) with a regular client of mine was that she was struggling with too much upkeep on her highlights. She was craving an easier cut and color for her lifestyle. I could tell she was ready for a change and that she was open to something radical. We worked together to agree on a transformation and approach that was right for her. The end result was phenomenal a pixie cut transformed her. We even introduce funky colors once in a while!
You can book Nino online at whipsalon.com, download the app or call 678-WHIPPED. Whip Salon is currently running a black friday sale - just use FRIYAY for 15% off online gift cards.


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