Ross Bread Announces New Ownership, Head Baker to Take Reins

Each month we publish a new “What’s New at Ross Bread” shingle.  This black and white colonial sign is posted around the bakery and calls attention to Ross Bread News: seasonal items, new breads, monthly specials, etc.  This month, “What’s new at Ross Bread is our Transition of Ownership.”

After 5 years we are handing over our beloved bakery keys to our fabulously talented Head Baker, Haley Scott, who will continue as Head Baker and now the Bakery’s General Manager.

Chef Haley first came to Ross Bread in 2016 as a Pastry Arts student at The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park.  Even when she was still a student, her skill and dedication to the craft were undeniable.  Immediately after her graduation, we hired her back. In 2018 we promoted her to Head Baker. While our little bakery had always been known for quality breads and pastries, Haley improved our consistency, beauty and flavor.  

Two Ridgefield entrepreneurs, Truitt Bell and Phil Murray have teamed up to acquire the bakery. We are so confident that Ross Bread will thrive under the leadership of these three experienced restaurant professionals that we will remain fractional investors in their new venture.  The new ownership plans to keep the bakery the same place you know and love.

Ross Bread was founded in 2009 by a baking enthusiast, Ross Schneiderman.  In 2015 he sold the bakery to us.  We updated the bakery’s interior, logo, and packaging. We partnered with Stumptown Coffee, and doubled down on the bakery’s reputation for all things organic, natural and high craft. 

The result was a bakery that grew in popularity and reputation. Just last month, Ross Bread was voted “Best Bakery in Ridgefield” By Ridgefield Magazine.   We have always thought we did a nice job.  It makes us happy to know others in the community think so as well. 

Striving to be part of the Ridgefield Community has been top of mind for these past five years. We want to thank our community partners:  Ridgefield High School, Abilities and Beyond, Meals on Wheels, and The Hickories, and thank our wholesale partners: Mike’s Organics in Stamford, and Daniel at Union Hall in North Salem.   

We want to thank our staff: 24 hardworking men and women who arrive as early as 2 AM to ensure our bakery case and bread rack are full each morning.

We want to thank our four children, each of whom worked at the bakery for some length of time.  You were good sports about the long hours.  We know you will miss having unlimited access to cookie dough in fridge #4, but having us at home when you wake up on the weekends will be a treat for all of us. 

And finally, we want to thank our customers for waiting in line, buying our breads, and filling our bakery each day with happy voices.  It is always a rush of joy and pride to walk into the café and find a line out the door, and every table filled.  We look forward to joining you at one of the little tables in the back as customers, as we break bread together and celebrate the next generation of Ross Bread.


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