Coming to the Ancona's Annex on Thursday, March 19: Masters of Sherry-Aged Whiskey

Ancona's Annex Presents: Masters of Sherry-Aged Whiskey on Thursday, March 19

Join us on Thursday, March 19th as we welcome Jeremey Fonicello, Senior Marketing Manager of Edrington Imports to the Ancona's Annex to present: Masters of Sherry-Aged Whiskey!

Jeremy will be walking us through a flight of several iconic Sherry cask-aged whiskeys from some of the world's foremost distillers.

The roster will include:

- Noble Oak Bourbon
- Wyoming Whiskey Double Cask
- Glenrothes 18 Year
- Highland Park 18 Year
- The Macallan Estate

Space for this Ancona's-exclusive event is incredibly limited, so reserve your seat today!


Not sure what The Annex is? Read our story: "What the heck is an Annex event and why would I want to go?" HERE.


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