Ridgefield Conservatory of Dance Celebrates Class of 2020!

Ridgefield Conservatory of Dance has bedecked their large picturesque windows in downtown Ridgefield with images of their senior dancers who will now embark on a new journey.

This celebration of the class of 2020 features the dancers then and now giving passersby a glimpse into years of hard work and dedication to the beautiful art of dancing. 

Thank you to Ridgefield Conservatory of Dance Executive Director Amy Piantaggini for your leadership and compassion! In addition to showcasing the seniors on the Main Street windows, Amy has been featuring each dancer via #seniorspotlight videos on RCD Facebook Page.

Registration is now open for current and new students at ridgefielddance.org. Please note: registration closes this Sunday, May 24. 

Ridgefield Conservatory of Dance, a nonprofit dance studio, is located at 440 Main Street in Ridgefield.



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