Yankee Institute Recognizes Ridgefield Eatery as Beam of Light During COVID

In Yankee Institute for Public Policy's “Beam of Light” segment, they put a spotlight on the good works of Ridgefield's own 850 Wood-Fired Restaurant.  

When COVID-19 hit in mid-March, Larry Debany, the owner of 850 Wood Fired said, "No one goes hungry". Throughout the pandemic, Debany offered anyone struggling with employment changes or financial difficulty, a free 12-inch pizza - every day - no questions asked.

Beam of Light, described by Yankee Institute as "a dedicated place to lift spirits by illuminating the many acts of quiet heroism, generosity, individual initiative and kindness that are happening every day across Connecticut during the coronavirus crisis" is exactly what Larry Debany, Pat Sexton, and the awesome team at 850 Wood Fired exemplified to our community.

Read the story on Yankee Institute (and see a photo of Larry and Pat) here.

Thanks 850 for being Ridgefield's own Beam of Light. We appreciate all you are and do for our community.


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