Hoodoo Brown BBQ Turns the Heat up! Named Best BBQ in Connecticut!

Food and Wine Magazine (FoodandWine.com) puts the heat on by naming their picks for the Best BBQ in Every State!

The Best Barbecue Food in Connecticut? Food & Wine says its Ridgefield, CT's Hoodoo Brown BBQ! And (of course) we agree! 

Here's what Food and Wine says about Ridgefield BBQ haven:

Show up at Hoodoo Brown’s in Ridgefield on a summer weekend—sun shining, smoke wafting out into the narrow valley funneling Route 7 between Danbury and Norwalk. You’ll get that sense, rather immediately, that you’re in the presence of something just a little bit special. Even in the middle of a pandemic, this place is buzzing with energy you don’t often find at a New England barbecue restaurant. You’ll sometimes find me among the happy crowd, and on days when things are really switched on, you’re in capable hands. Go for the beautifully barked, cherry red spare ribs, crispy pork belly, pastrami, and a fistful of bacon as an appetizer, just because. Brisket and sausages often show great potential, too. New England has a growing number of options lately, but there’s still very little of what I’d consider destination barbecue up this way. Hoodoo Brown’s comes close. 


Hoodoo Brown is located at 967 Ethan Allen Highway. Visit them online here.


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