Fit Club in Ridgefield Closes Its Doors

Fit Club in Ridgefield has closed. Thank you to the amazing team of trainers and fitness class instructors who bonded together after The Gym suddenly closed, committed to creating an environment that combined health and wellness with a close knit community. You did just that. 

The Fit Club website today reads, "We are heartbroken to announce the closure of FitClub and will miss being here with our amazing members, friends and community. Your strong support through these difficult months will be remembered and we are thankful to have shared with all of you something much bigger than just a gym."

The pandemic has impacted small businesses in a huge way, even those that quickly tried to shift their longtime business models to accommodate a touch-free way of life. Fit Club was innovative, they held classes outdoors, they brought exercise equipment outside so trainers could safely work with clients. Your members remain grateful to you.

It was the March of 2019 when we announced that two former employees of The Gym, Jenny Conciatore and Mike Subach, together with partners Sue Johnstone, and Cathy and Tom Migliaccio would transform the ten thousand square foot building at 66 Grove Street into a training-focused gym with an emphasis on community.

Fit Club was more than a place pump up endorphins (they had amazing fitness classes and personal trainers), it was a place where lifelong friendships blossomed. 

Thank you to the Fit Club team for bringing community members together in the name of health and fun. 


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