Tubby Tims Tree Farm in Ridgefield is Now OPEN!

Tubby Tims, the "Cheers" of Christmas Tree (and Wreath) Farms

It’s the Cheers of Christmas Tree Farms - a place where you’ll meet your friends and neighbors and the staff is filled with the Christmas spirit and yes, they probably know your name and they're always glad you came.

Tubby Tim's Tree Farm is a Ridgefield holiday staple, owned and operated by longtime Ridgefielders, Mary and Tim Dent, the Tree Farm is located next to Limestone Service Station on Danbury Road and is the local go-to place for Christmas trees, wreaths, roping and holiday greenery. 

Tubby Tims will be Open 7-days per week from 9 am to 9 pm Monday through Friday and 8 am to 9 pm Saturday and Sunday - starting today, November 26th.

Tubby Tims has premium Fraser for trees from North Carolina and balsam fir trees from Vermont along with wreaths and kissing balls.

And the name? Tubby Tims? We were curious too. “It is a play on words from A Christmas Carol. Instead of Tiny Tim, my husband thought Tubby Tim’s had a nice ring. Plus, we pride ourselves in working with farmers who grow a premium full (Tubby) tree,” explains Dent.

For more than a decade, Tubby Tim’s has opened for business the day after Thanksgiving and the outdoor stand remains open until Christmas Eve.

Stop by Tubby Tim's for some down-home holiday cheer. You’ll leave with something more important than a fresh and beautiful tree - the Christmas spirit.


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