NRVT receives $3 million Construction Grant for Ridgefield Ramble

The Norwalk River Valley Trail (NRVT) recently received a $3 million construction grant through support of the Town of Ridgefield and WestCOG (Western CT Council of Governments).

This grant will cover all construction for the 1.5 mile Ridgefield Ramble trail. It is the single largest grant received by NRVT since its inception in 2012. Funds are from the Local Transportation Capital Improvement Program (LOTCIP) which provides State funds to urbanized area municipal governments in lieu of Federal funds. To activate this grant, NRVT needs to raise $130,000 (only 4% of the grant amount) to complete design, engineering, leasing applications, and all state and local permitting.

“We are so grateful for the support by First Selectman Rudy Marconi (Town of Ridgefield) and WestCOG for this major construction grant. The trail will be a standout amenity for Ridgefield and it’s a major push forward for the NRVT.” said Beth J. Merrill, Executive Director/NRVT. “We now call on the public; the residents of Ridgefield, and surrounding towns, to help us raise the $130,000 to activate construction. Please help us build this wonderful trail in Ridgefield! Visit our website to donate. (www.nrvt-trail.com)”

"The Town of Ridgefield supports the NRVT 100%.  Our receipt of a grant to cover the majority of costs have been achieved.  We now need Ridgefield's help to reach the match required.  Please support this vital asset for our community." Rudy Marconi, First Selectman Ridgefield.

Ridgefield Ramble’s beautiful property begins at a pond adjacent to the Norwalk River (Rt. 7 & Simpaug Turnpike), and follows around the pond, along the Norwalk River then begins a climb into the Berkshire foothills. There it wanders serenely among large old trees, rock outcroppings, and in sight of a nearby rock escarpment. The top section of this trail runs through a sheep fold from the early 1900’s (at Bobby’s Court) before it connects to the NRVT Redding Mile (currently in pre-construction). When completed, one can hike from the Ridgefield Ramble parking lot at Rt. 7 up to Fire Hill Rd, and connect to the Redding Mile for a 2.8 mile long excursion. Once complete, the NRVT Ridgefield section will be a 5 mile trail connecting Wilton to Redding trails. For a view of the trail site, click here.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, the NRVT had trail use spike up to 260% over prior years. NRVT has completed 8.2 miles of trail, with 3.4 miles under construction and 18 miles more to go. NRVT is in planning or in construction in all 5 of the trail towns.


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