Stephen Wooters reflects on Ridgefield's historic Lounsbury House, a community cornerstone

Most towns have important landmarks. The Lounsbury House is, without question, a cornerstone of Ridgefield. Historic in its pedigree and modern in its amenities, the Lounsbury House provides an incredibly positive first impression to anyone entering Ridgefield’s bucolic downtown. But like the people of Ridgefield, while it offers a great first impression, what is found below the surface is even more notable.

Ridgefield is a gathering place, filled with art and culture that rivals cities multiples its size. Yet what impresses me most is the sense of community that thrives in our town. And the Lounsbury House is a perfect example of our town’s personality – a gathering place that brings together not only our community but countless visitors. Everyone leaves the Lounsbury House grounds with a sense of being alive – carrying with them feelings of prestige, acceptance . . . community. We are blessed every day to feel alive in Ridgefield.

“We are blessed every day to feel alive in Ridgefield.”

On first impression, many people think of the Lounsbury House as a wedding venue, which it certainly is – after all why wouldn’t you want to host your guests at the Lounsbury House? But Wendy and I discovered early on that Lounsbury House is much, much more.

Before Wendy and I officially moved back to the states from Toronto, we were invited to the grand reopening of the Lounsbury House after an extensive remodel. It offered an experience that made it clear that we must move to Ridgefield and be close to downtown. Subsequently being invited to join the house’s Board of Directors, I learned first hand how much more the Lounsbury House means to Ridgefield.

Whenever we have guests, which is a constant, they invariably want to walk the streets and stop to take pictures at the house. And there are countless examples of sitting next to people at our town’s restaurants and bars who proudly proclaim that they were at an event at the Lounsbury House before deciding to stroll into town. After discovering the town, they always come back for more.

While the Lounsbury House is a wonderful attraction for outsiders, it is also the home of countless community events, local non-profit meetings, business receptions, corporate picnics (we had our last employee summer picnic there just before COVID) and holiday traditions. It is a home away from home where people gather and build community.


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