Keeler Tavern Museum & History Center Awarded Two Grants from CT Humanities

Keeler Tavern Museum & History Center (KTM&HC) is thrilled to announce that CT Humanities (CTH) has awarded the museum two significant grants: a $42,900 CT Cultural Fund Operating Support Grant and a $10,000 SHARP Capacity Grant.

“This support from CTH is so well-timed for our museum,” said KTM&HC Executive Director Hildegard Grob. “We’re embarking on a year of major projects – including a reinterpretation initiative and physical campus integration and accessibility – and the grants from CTH will go far to help us achieve our exciting goals. Our museum is able to capitalize on this funding to continue to evolve and grow, engaging our community through a commitment to preserving and sharing the stories of American experiences unique to our site. We’re so grateful to CTH for their support of our mission-driven work.”

KTM&HC was one of 624 organizations in Connecticut awarded CT Cultural Fund support totaling $16M from CTH. The CTCFOSG are part of $30.7M of support allocated to arts, humanities, and cultural nonprofits through CTH over the next two years by the CT General Assembly and approved by Governor Ned Lamont. The CTCFOSG will assist organizations as they recover from the pandemic and maintain and grow their ability to serve their community and the public.

Additionally, KTM&HC was one of 69 nonprofits statewide to receive a CTH SHARP Capacity grant, which is intended to help museums, historical societies, libraries, and cultural centers respond to and recover from the pandemic and improve their ability to thrive and serve their communities now and in the future. According to CTH Executive Director Dr. Jason Mancini, priority was given to projects that seek to increase equity and inclusion, are directed at underserved and minority-serving institutions, connect K-12 teachers and students to strong humanities content, and/or increase public access to engaging cultural opportunities by improving the information technology and digital infrastructure. KTM&HC will use the competitive, project-based grant to fund board development framed through a DEI lens.

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