Ridgefield Community Kindergarten partners with local nonprofits to enhance educational experiences

Ridgefield Community Kindergarten (RCK) Preschool is so grateful to the nonprofits and small-town businesses that support our little community.

One Hump Farm

This week we were invited to spend some time at Ridgefield's One Hump Farm owned and run by Stephanie and Robb Heering. 

One Hump Farm is a private sanctuary for Sheik, the 7-year-old dromedary camel rescued from a petting zoo, HumpFree an alpaca, and Harry a rehomed llama. RCK families learned about the One Hump Farm while feeding Sheik and Harry their favorite snacks; bananas, carrots, and sliced apples.

If you didn’t know, Harry participates in Zoom calls in his spare time. Check out www.zoomllama.com to reserve Harry for your next call!

For the past few years, Robb and Stephanie have opened their farm to us. The trip is a highlight at the end of our school year.

Henny Penny Farm

We also were thrilled once again to work with Henny Penny Farm, also located in Ridgefield. We received fertilized eggs from the farm to study the life cycle of a chick. The best part of course is seeing the chicks following their 21-day incubation period. After a few days out of the eggs, our chicks return to Henny Penny Farm where we get to visit them the following year.

Woodcock Nature Center

This week we are very excited for the Woodcock Nature Center to visit RCK to round out our springtime activities. The nature center is also a nonprofit located in Wilton and will bring RCK some wonderful little creatures that live in wooded areas and vernal pools.

Did you know? Woodcock Nature Center has four miles of hiking trails and a natural playground for kids of all ages to explore! They also run a wonderful summer camp.

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