Jesse Lee's Pumpkin Patch Opens this Saturday in Ridgefield!

The Jesse Lee Church Pumpkin Patch is about more than pumpkins. It’s about supporting our mission partners in the Navajo Nation who supply our pumpkins, creating something the whole community can enjoy every October and connecting with each other as we revel in this Fall favorite activity.

Please come to the patch at the corner of King Lane and Main Street starting October 1. Volunteers staff the pumpkin patch through the month of October during the week from 2-6PM and on weekends and holidays from 10AM-6PM.

A big part of the fun is unloading the pumpkins that come to us by truck from New Mexico and the whole town is invited. The little kids pull pumpkins in wagons while the big kids and grown-ups form lines from the truck to the patch where pumpkins are unloaded and passed along, bucket-brigade style, to fill up the patch.

The unloading fun starts at 9AM on October 1 in the Jesse Lee parking lot off King Lane. When the trucks are empty and the pumpkin patch is full, volunteers celebrate with pizza and the satisfaction of a job well done.

All are welcome to come to the Jesse Lee Pumpkin Patch and be a part of something great!

*Image by HamletHub


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